New year resolution(s) for real - 2015

Never in my lifetime, I took serious new year resolutions, though I take sarcastic ones. But for 2015, I decided to take some, hmm, actually a lot and for real! But it's sort of checklist rather than a resolution.
  1. Physical fitness
    1. Achieve a target of running 21 kms in beach sand. (Right now I am at 2 kms)
    2. Learn Swimming and be a Triathlete (So I can join Peter's gang)
    3. Yoga (taking flexibility to next level)
  2. Mental fitness (Practice proper meditation, Joining some classes maybe)
    1. to de-fragment my mind (so as to multi task better)
    2. control hate / anger!
    3. to try improve my memory power (If that is even possible :P)
    4. to try winning over my mind :P (Ha. in just 1 year?)
    5. Improve my response time.
  3. Finish these books
    1. Switch: How to change things when change is hard.
    2. From dictatorship to democracy.
    3. Indian Independence Struggle.
    4. The Grand Design.
  4. Fun part
    1. Game of Thrones.
    2. Code Gears.
    3. One `Lonely Masturbator` post every quarter (not just fun, but this is a serious one too).
  5. No NEW Projects. Finish existing ones.
  6. Attain complete economic Independence and escape Slavery.
  7. More time with family!
Try evolve from being a mob :-)

with the realization that we are just Star dust.

Absolute Truth!