Hyderabad Diary - Day 1

Scene 1: Hyderabad Bus Terminus
Date and Time: June 23, 2015 11:30 AM
Characters: Yokesh and Me

The Arrival

Bus delay by almost 2 hours, but it's anticipated based on the past experience. We dropped down at Hyderabad bus terminus @ 11.30 AM. We walked to a nearby bus stand, only to find out we need to take 2 buses to go to Hotel Transit, Begumpet. We don't know Telugu and most of them don't know English/Tamil. So we planned to catch a auto to the Hotel, both to save time and save some literature confusions.

The Auto.…

"Auto bhaiya. How much to go to Hotel Transit, Begumpet", I asked

"Rs. 200", he said.

"Ok. I am new to this place. So I can't be sure whats the right amount. Can you turn on the meter. I will pay meter paisa", I told.

"I am telling you the reasonable amount. Its Rs. 200", he said.

"ok. No point in discussing. I will catch another guy who turns on the meter", I crossed him.

He shouted, "Bhaiya, wait wait. I will put the meter"

Wow. We boarded the Auto. He turned the lever by 90 degrees. In just couple of secs, I noticed the meter is not working and told him. Yokesh enquired, If we need to turn the level all way down by 180 degrees. No comment from him. I asked him to stop the auto and we dropped down, saying we will get another auto.

The Fight

He is in no way concerned about his customer getting down. But he asked us Rs. 20, the minimum charge. We argued for a couple of minutes on Rs. 20 over a travel of not even 50 meters on false promises and a meter showing Rs. 0.

After a while, I told him let's call Police and If they asked me to pay, then I will do. He is fine with Police intervention, so I called 100. He immediately turned the lever all way down to 100 degree and it now shows Distance: 0km; Amount: Rs. 20. Now he tells us, "See the meter, It's reading 20. It's reading 20". He is too excited about it.

The 100

They picked up. I explained the situation and they asked me to go to nearby Police Station. I asked them the local Police number and their reply was "No sir. We don't have the number of local Police". Wow, Genius! They are expecting me to drag the Auto wala to the Police station now. I insisted to share the number. But they keep telling the same story.

100 is little worst in Hyderabad than in Chennai. Though, we dont get the issue resolved in both places, atleast in Chennai police will respond little more properly.

Doing Democracy

I gave him Rs. 20 with little frustration. Then I asked, "Ok Bhaiya. The police is not coming. But the meter is working now right. So drop us in the hotel".

He thought for a second and took us. The auto steered through the streets of Hyderabad. Spacy roads with 6 or more lanes in all main roads. Flyovers running throughout and there we reached the Hotel.

The meter read Rs. 113. I gave him Rs. 100, considering I already paid him Rs. 20.

He smiled. I reminded him, I already paid Rs. 20.

He smiled with a wider mouth now. I couldn't resist laughing at him!

He pleaded, "Bhaiya, atleast Rs. 10 more please".

I gave him Rs. 10 and happily left to hotel.

Scene 2: in Office
Date and Time: June 23, 2015 4:00 PM
Characters: Karan and Me(Sai)

The Surprise

Someone introduces me to Karan as "He is Sai and he came from Chennai for a week training". He thought for a second and asks me "Are you in Saidapet?"

I am excited on how he knows about me. Without much thought, I asked him.

"I saw you", he said.

"Where? When?!?!??"

"A year back... April, 2014. I saw you on road, You crossed me"

"Wooooow. Are you serious?! You had a glimpse of me for like a couple of seconds or to one minute a year back and now you remember me?"

"Yes, I do"

"Unbelievable man. Seriously, unbelievable"

Karan smiles.

"Wow. It's mind blowing that you remember my face after a year, with just having a glimpse of me. I wish I had atleast 1% of your photo memory".

Scene 3: in Hotel (Telephone Conversation)
Date and Time: June 23, 2015 8:30 PM
Characters: Myself and Idea Customer Care (12345)

The Idea

I called Idea Customer care to enquire about Rate cutter packages for Roaming outgoing calls. I was told, with Rs. 57 topup, I can call other mobile numbers at 30 paisa / minute. I did the topup and called 3 people, spoke for 20 minutes and only found more than Rs. 25 was deducted from my balance.

Called Customer care again, told the issue. They gave another number to connect with Tamil Nadu customer care.

I called them explained the scenario again, had some rough talks with him and he transferred the call to his supervisor. Told the story for 3rd time to him. He told, "Sorry sir. You are misinformed by Hyderabad team. There are not outgoing call rate cutters. To resolve the Rs. 57 pack, we can't do anything. You need to contact AP Idea Customer care for that".

"Thanks." I said and cut the call!

Nearly 45 minutes wasted with Idea Customer care. Fortunately we bought Crispy biscuits and Cake for snacks. So energized both physically and mentally and went to bed.

The Conclusion

Despite the 2 challenging experiences, It was an awesome day at Hyderabad. Myself and Yokesh couldn't roam much today. But we tasted awesome food, snacks and did good work in office too.

A week of awesomeness awaits (y)