Election 2016 - My Vote for Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK)

Been a long time, since my last post. Had loads of stuffs to share here, but not getting enough time to ink my thoughts.

Now, it's Election time and I was very outspoken about my Voting before and my first time. So making a post this time too.

My Current State of Mind

Before I speak about Elections, let me explain things going in my mind for like past 1 year. I was watching a hell lot of documentary Films for past 1 year.

Starting from

  1. Chasing Ice, Inconvenient Truth on how Corporates are systematically destroying the Planet Earth,
  2. Cowspiracy which unravels some ugly secrets behind Food Corporates,
  3. True Cost behind all the things we buy,
  4. Food Matters that opens the Eyes on what's happening in Pharmaceutical Industry,
  5. Money as a Debt, which cleared up lots of my doubts on this Economic System,
  6. Garbage Island and Midway Film, on Plastics.
  7. The 11st Hour, which summarises the Environmental damage and mindless Consumerism,
  8. and many more Documentaries
  9. Some UN Reports, backing up the claims of all these documentaries,
  10. and the first hand experience of Chennai Floods 2015, which is just a sample of Biggest disasters that is about to unfold in the future.

The general trend that Humanity has taken is well explained by the mother of all film, Zeitgeist, that I saw years back. And the Visionary Carl Sagan defined it decades back, that we are at the `Brink of Extinction`

Going through all above, I am still positive because of Climate Change Initiatives by UN. With all this in mind, I was more excited about Berney Sanders Election results than TN State Elections. Nevertheless what happens there, he created a strong Grass roots movement, that will ripple and hopefully do something to Corporates and save Mother Earth from Greedy Humans!

Coming back to Tamil Nadu Elections

Till Few months back, I was thinking whether our Political leaders of any XYZ party is even aware of the environmental disasters that are coming upon us, the ill effects of Toxic Green revolution, the Permaculture (நிரந்தர வேளாண்மை) remedy, the Climate Change, The darkness of Corporates, Organic food, Sustainable ways, etc.,

Till I heard a speech of Seeman 2 months back in Youtube. He was speaking of Corporate powers, Toxicity in our farms and Food, among many other. I was very much inspired.

But my perception of Naam Tamil Kathchi (NTK) is that of a Language Fanatics! And I would stay away from fanatics of any kind. Thanks to Carl Sagan, that I can see Earth as ONE and I identify myself as a Star dust or a Earthling, rather than an Indian, which looks like a dividing term now!

Time to Decide

But I am to make a decision now, since Election is just 2 days away. I headed out to their web site and was happy to see that they post their Donations online, which a good step towards Transparency.
Then I headed out to Quora, the Social network of Intellectuals to see what's the trend in there. There were many discussions on NTK and mostly favourable discussions.

Then I headed out to their Manifesto and I am again much Inspired for their sustainable views.

With the detailed manifesto of 300+ pages
  1. Supporting sustainable plastics,
  2. Ban on Plastics, HELL YEAH!!!
  3. Detailed view on saving our Water bodies,
  4. Organic, Poison free Farming,
  5. Moving the Power from Chennai to other Cities
  6. Solar, Wind power Generation (0.25 paise / Unit --> Power generation!)
  7. and much more
compared to < 10 page manifesto of other parties,
I guess I decided to vote for Naam Tamil Katchi
I am yet to do background study on local Candidate, that I will be doing this weekend.
To know more about the Candidates, visit
  1. http://www.myneta.info/tamilnadu2016/
  2. http://affidavitarchive.nic.in/

Political Quote

The worst illiterate is the political illiterate,

  1. he doesn’t hear,
  2. doesn’t speak,
  3. nor participates in the political events.
He doesn’t know

  1. the cost of life,
  2. the price of the bean,
  3. of the fish,
  4. of the flour,
  5. of the rent,
  6. of the shoes and
  7. of the medicine, all depends on political decisions.
The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics.
The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is

  1. born the prostitute,
  2. the abandoned child, and
  3. the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies.

Back to Earth

Know the Impact of Climate Change in an easy to understand Infograph.
  1. There you see, New York is gonna submerge into water in few hundred years.
  2. Miami, Florida wont survive for next 50 years
  3. and Mumbai, Kolkata is on next 100 years list! Chennai is safe for next 200 years!
  4. You can see when any City will go under water in this Map.