APJ: Its been a year: I guess I started dreaming Big :-)

It's been a year, since APJ left us on our own.

A year back, a triggering day for me. I decided not to mourn for him but rather understand his `India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium` and do something about it.

2 months forward

  1. Seed: Having read that book, R&D Business and Technology filled my mind. I started re-thinking on my own ways of Social Contribution.
  2. Strong Trunk: Then 2 other triggers: Elon Musk, who is addressing World's existential crisis, Climate Change, through Business that drives Social Change.
  3. Watering: And a full night Discussion @ CMBT bus stand with my dear friend, who broke my emotional bondages to my existing ideas and pushed me to next level of ideas, that I got from APJ and Elon. To my friend, Owe you a lot, For watering :-)

With above 3, I started shifting to a different direction.

Surprise - Sequel to India 2020

After completing 400 kms Cycling Traffic Awareness Drive of Thozhan, I got gifted with the book `A Manifesto for Change: A Sequel to India 2020` by APJ.

Wow. A Divine Intervention?! Lol. I am the kind of person, who don't believe in fate, destiny, miracle or anything. Though I believe in creating Miracles with our will.

But still, getting this book meant something!

APJ App, Tic Tac Toe Extended, Grassroots and Next

Screens from Kalam App
It started with
  1. Making a Mobile App for Kalam in Tamil/English,
  2. Then forming a Tech team with my most favourite person Thina and we did TTT Extended game
  3. and now the biggest project, I ever done, Grassroots.
In the `Dream Big` definition of Kalam, all these are just Baby steps, The `Big` is yet to come in coming decade. It's just that I need to prepare myself for it.


Kalam and his vision is so big and so awesome. My dear friends and readers of this blog, please dont contain Kalam in a single day remembrance ceremonies. But rather understand his Grand vision and do something about it.

Dream BIG!!!

Another Big Day

My home ground, Chennai Social Service, is stepping into 11th year. Oh yeah :-)